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August 2, 2021

10 AM - 3 PM

Welcome to Bookstore1Sarasota's celebration of local authors! 


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Linda Albert

10  - 11 AM

Linda Albert is an internationally published award-winning poet, essayist, and former theater director. A communication coach and trainer, certified in Neuro-Linguistics and Jungian Pattern and Dream Analysis, she has continued to design workshops, coach, and teach  since moving to Florida, as well as going on with her writing and appearing at readings.

albert cover.jpg

This is a collection of poems exploring "the life cycle of the heart's secret joys and griefs from birth to aging".  Brought out at age 82, written with a woman's voice, seen through her eyes and felt through her experience, it is nevertheless meant to communicate to everyone regardless of age, gender, race or religion, especially at this particular juncture in history. Charting the Lost Continent has been chosen as a finalist and medal winner by the Florida Authors & Publishers Association. 

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Alexandra Armstrong

10 - 11 AM

Alexandra Armstrong CFP is one of the first women in the country to earn the designation of Certified Financial Planner. She is Chairman Emeritus of Armstrong, Fleming  & Moore Inc, a nationally recognized financial planning firm based in Washington DC which she founded in 1983.

armstrong cover 2_edited_edited.jpg

In this book we take the recent widow through the various phases of dealing with widowhood starting with the death of her spouse.  As the title indicates we think that the emotional and financial aspects are interrelated. The sooner you can take care of the financial aspects, the easier it will be to deal with the emotional aspects of widowhood.  Now in its fifth edition, the first three editions were published by Dearborn in Chicago.  We have sold over 25,000 copies of this book.

armstrong cover.png

Retirement is a major life event.  Most books focus on the financial aspects of retirement when we think it is also an emotional event. Few books address the issues which we think are unique to women--particularly longevity. Our book is for the woman close to retirement and we weave the stories of four women in different circumstances into the book to illustrate the various issues women face as they retire.

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Barbara A. Glanz

11 AM - Noon

A member of the prestigious Speaker Hall of Fame, Barbara Glanz, CSP, CPAE, works with organizations to improve morale, retention and service and with individuals who want to rediscover joy and purpose in their lives. She is the first speaker on record to have spoken on all 7 continents and in all 50 states.
Known as "the business speaker who speaks to your heart as well as to your head," Barbara is the author of fourteen books including "The Simple Truths of Service Inspired by Johnny the Bagger®", co-authored with Ken Blanchard, "CARE Packages for the Workplace," "CARE Packages for the Home" and "180 Ways to Spread Contagious Enthusiasm."  She can be reached at or

glanz cover 1.jpeg

Change is hard, whether forced or chosen,  in your business or in your personal life.  Yet we all have to deal with it for the rest of our lives.  This book shares a simple model of Change to understand where you in the process plus many easy coping tools to use as you navigate each transition. When you reach a new beginning, you will realize that all change really does come bearing gifts.

glanz cover 2.jpeg

"PRICELESS GIFTS—Using what God’s Given You to Bless Others"ith dozens of real life, positive, low-cost or no-cost, immediately actionable ideas of things people have done for one another. This practical and useful book will help you to find many more simple, creative ways you can make a difference every day.

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Simone Knego

Noon - 1 PM

Simone Knego, best-selling author of The Extraordinary UnOrdinary You, is a speaker, entrepreneur, and mother to six multicultural children. With her bold witticism, larger than life personality, and fearless attitude, she is a powerful force for good. Sharing her journey of adopting three of her six children in foreign countries, her climb of Mount Kilimanjaro to raise cancer awareness, and all of the funny, scary, and inspiring stories that came along the way, Simone instills in her audience the powerful lesson that what you do matters. And it’s the little things we do each day that make the most difference. 
The Extraordinary UnOrdinary You was recently awarded a National Indie Excellence Award for best multicultural book and was a finalist in the inspiration category.

knego cover.jpg

Do you wake up every day feeling like you’re going through the motions, that the hundreds of choices you make have almost no impact on the people around you? Many motivational books will tell you that in order to better the world, you must first better yourself. But you really only need to change the way you see yourself and the world around you will change. What you do every day matters and inspires others. By sharing your story, you can motivate and encourage those around you—and in doing so, change the world. Everyone has a story, and in The Extraordinary UnOrdinary You, Simone Knego takes you inside her unique journey and the extraordinary moments which have shaped her life and defined her mission. Sharing the lessons she’s learned from life’s ups, downs, and laugh-out-loud moments, you’ll be inspired to discover your own journey, and to go out into the world and be the good. The world is waiting for the Extraordinary UnOrdinary You, and you already have everything you need to get started, simply by being you. If  you prefer a hardcover copy, purchase it here

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Julie Ryan McGue 

11 AM - Noon

Julie Ryan McGue is an identical twin and a domestic adoptee. Her writing centers on finding out who you really are, where you belong, and making sense of it. In May 2021, Julie’s debut memoir Twice a Daughter: A Search for Identity, Family, and Belonging released and was named #1 New Release in Family & Personal Growth on Amazon. Kirkus Reviews has called Twice a Daughter, “An engaging, endearing chronicle of a woman’s quest to find her origins."
Julie writes a weekly blog and a monthly column called That Girl This Life. Her work has been featured on Brevity Nonfiction Blog and the Lifetime Adoption Adoptive Families Blog, in Severance Magazine, and on If she is not on her laptop, Julie is on the tennis court, or out exploring with her Nikon. She is currently working on a collection of personal essays and a second memoir.

mcgue julie cover_edited.jpg

Julie is adopted. She is also a twin. At 48, Julie is sent for a breast biopsy. This incident launches a five-year search for birth relatives. By journey’s end what began as a simple desire for a family medical history has evolved into a complicated quest–one that unearths secrets, lies, and family members who are literally right next door.

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Linda Messel Potter

Noon - 1 PM

74 year old retired teacher, now enjoying retirement Spent 10 quarantine months compiling poems and rhyming stories for my book.  One reader said, “Poetry provides a unique window into life—our memories, hopes, dreams and forever feelings.  Few provide a better poetic window into the little things that matter most than Linda Potter’s new book, My Tapestry of Life.  Let her tapestry help you appreciate your own life’s journey.”

potter cover_edited.jpg

Each chapter, different threads, artistically woven to create a tapestry that captures and commemorates special events, important dates throughout my life.  Creative, humorous, inspiring poems and stories recount tributes, sympathies, celebrations, spiritual growth, heritage, teaching, and travels from my life.  This legacy to family and friends will inspire readers to see the fun in rhyme and give it a try. May those who chose to read, be surprised by the blessings, emotions, smiles, and laughter experienced when exploring the rhyming threads in My Tapestry of Life.  

shere irene cropped_edited_edited.jpg

Irene Shere 

1 - 2 PM

Irene Shere was an early childhood consultant for over 25 years in the DC area, working with challenging 3-6 year-old boys, which prepared her for living with--and loving--the Aging Human Male Species. Irene's retired life finds her beading, hitting racquetballs with Boomer Jocks, texting her adult grown children, adoring her stubborn partner Bill, and whining with her Besties over countless salads. Irene has five previously published books for and about young children.

shere cover 2.jpg

With a hearty dose of piss and vinegar, Care and Feeding of the Aging Human Male Species offers sage advice and laugh-out-loud stories about surviving your Aging Human Partnership--all in four sections of wacky, heartfelt truths Grandma never told you.  Ladies, "Start your engines!" as you shift into high gear on Rout 66+!

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Brenda M. Spalding

1 - 2 PM

Brenda M. Spalding is an award-winning author with several children’s books and romantic suspense novels for adults. She is a past president of the National League of American Pen Women- Sarasota branch, a member of the Sarasota Authors Connection, Sarasota Fiction Writers, Florida Authors and Publishers, Florida Writers Association and founding member and current president of ABC Books Inc. a 501c3 organization. Her experiences has led her to open a consulting company for authors, Braden River Consulting LLC, to help authors navigate the world of publishing and marketing their books.

spalding cover 2.jpg

Visitors hiking Manasota State park in Florida are horrified to discover the partial remains of an apparent alligator attack. Finding evidence of poaching, Park Ranger Seth Grayson and Florida Wildlife Commission Officer Liz Corday are determined to find out who sent the victim to his death.  The poachers will stop at nothing to protect their illegal profits. The body count mounts, and threats are made, putting Seth’s and Liz’s life on the line.

Realizing they are attracted to each other; emotions get complicated for Liz and Seth. Is it only catching the poachers drawing Seth and Liz together, or is there something deeper and more lasting?

spalding cover 1.jpg

Award-winning and in the spirit of the Brother's Grim. A young boy sails to the land of Nod and meets a giant who has stolen a cow and some bees from a dwarf. A spoiled princess gives the boy an idea to help the dwarf and the giant work together to get some honey for the Princess. With the sharing and understanding the three become friends. They all learn that size and differences don't matter in the land of Nod.

spiritas neil.jpg

Neil Spirtas

1 - 2 PM

Neil Spirtas is a graduate of the University of Missouri with his master’s degree in Community Development. A pre-journalism student at Mizzou, he went on to work for three universities and 30 years for the Manatee Chamber of Commerce – retiring in 2015. After an illustrious career at the acclaimed chamber as an executive in public policy, he pursued his latent writing. He has since been published in 17 magazines, journals, collections, and anthologies. His poetry and prose can be found in Roam, Poetica, Free Expressions, The Soul’s Bright Home, The Eclectic Muse: A Poetry Journal and The Current magazines, The Huffington Post, his debut chapbook, When Men Cry: Life’s Later Voyages, and Florida’s Forgotten Crackers published by Wider Perspectives Publishing.

spiritas cover 2.jpg

This book is personally offered on behalf of my beloved Aunt Judy, Uncle Mark and dear friend, artist Herbie Rose. Both (my aunt and Herbie) had been afflicted with and institutionalized due to Alzheimer’s disease. Herbie passed away in 2017. My Uncle Mark gave me the determination to write because of his own courageous, humorous yet tender blogging on his condition. Keeping one’s sense of humor, Uncle Mark reminds me, helps to keep one plugging along. He has Parkinson’s – a degenerative disease that often climaxes with dementia. Additionally, this book is presented in tribute to those tens of millions worldwide with dementia - the majority of whom suffer from Alzheimer’s.

spirtas cover png.png

In the author’s delightful book, the Cracker’s connection with the land and rivers of Florida is brought lovingly to life with poetry, humor, photos, and informative comment. Neil Spirtas has gifted us with fine examples of this connection through what some might consider an unusual medium for Florida Crackers – poetry. With Spirtas driving the Cracker train, the words of Florida’s Forgotten Crackers are an adventure with rousing poetic stories of real-life experiences. His eloquent poetic talent depicts what it is like to be a Cracker. He teaches, entertains, and reminds us all why Florida is a special place in the South.

suraci author photo.jpg

Patrick J. Suraci

Noon - 1 PM

Patrick Suraci was born and raised in Rochester, New York. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Assumption University at the University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. He received his Doctorate in Psychology at the New School for Social Research in New York City. He taught at John Jay College and Baruch College of the City University of New York. He was a staff psychologist for the New York Police Department and is in private practice. He published “MALE SEXUAL ARMOR: Erotic Fantasies and Sexual Realities of the Cop on the Beat and the Man in the Street” and appeared on major TV shows.
In his prior life he studied acting with the legendary Uta Hagen. He performed at Lincoln Center and off-Broadway in New York and Los Angeles and summer stock in Southbury, Connecticut. He acted in films and TV in Rome, London and Amsterdam.

He is also the author of SYBIL in her own words: The Untold Story About Shirley Mason, Her Multiple Personalities and Paintings.

suraci cover.jpg

In 1961, homosexuality is a crime punishable by up to seventeen years in prison. That doesn't stop soldiers Philip Greco and John Fitzgerald from falling in love. The two men are serving in the US Army in Germany during the Berlin Crisis. They become friends at first, and then slowly and tentatively, their relationship blossoms. Working around the obstacles in their path, Philip and John travel through Europe together and discover their dream place to live after their discharge, Majorca. When John is discharged four months earlier than Philip, the latter convinces him to return to the States. But when Philip arrives in Los Angeles, he finds John's life has changed dramatically since they parted. Now Philip must find his way in the world and see whether he can build a dream life of his own.
"Wow, what a great read! Love and sex in the army as never before told. Europe at the time when La Dolce Vita was the lifestyle. I knew the author in his days in Rome. Wow again!"--Carroll Baker, Oscar nominee for Baby Doll.


Lucy Tobias

10 - 11 AM

Lucy Beebe Tobias is an award-winning author and photojournalist creating lively and engaging books on environment, exploration and ecology. Her writing is family focused for all ages and always eco-friendly. She lives in Sarasota, Florida.


From the deepest swamps to the most civilized sidewalks, 50 Great Walks in Florida features the best short, but significant, outdoor jaunts in the Sunshine State. Experienced tour guide Lucy Tobias fills each page with fascinating local history and vivid descriptions of the sights and sites encountered along the way.
These manageable walks will appeal to tourists in search of the real Florida, as well as to residents who want to become better acquainted with their state but still be done in time for lunch. Though shoes may be required, backpacks are not.


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