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It's Children's Book Week!

Updated: May 7

Children’s Book Week, established in 1919, is a celebration of books and the connection they bring. The 2024 theme is No Rules. Just Read. The theme speaks to the joy and pride that come with reading what you want, when you want, and how you want. It is an affirmation that there is not a right way or thing to read. To celebrate, we're highlighting a selection of new middle grade books for young people between the ages of 8 - 12. With summer on the way, we know those kids will be looking for something to read.

In this stand-alone novel with themes of friendship and family, from the author of the acclaimed Coo, twelve-year-old Elsby discovers a family of talking cats living in the house next door and must help them harness the magic that made them that way.

Louder than Hunger by John Schu

Revered teacher, librarian, and story ambassador John Schu explores anorexia—and self-expression as an act of survival—in a wrenching and transformative novel-in-verse.

In the fourth installment of the Charlie Thorne series—which bestselling author Chris Grabenstein called “a real page-burner”—Charlie searches for Isaac Newton's secret treasure across Europe and Australia.

The October Witches by Jennifer Claessen

This sweet and enchanting middle grade fantasy novel “mixing Arthurian legend with Practical Magic and plenty of adventure” (Booklist) follows a young witch who must uncover the secrets of her family’s past to end their long-standing internal feud.

Bridge to Bat City by Ernest Cline

From bestselling author Ernest Cline comes a mostly true tall tale about an unexpected friendship between a young girl and a music-loving colony of bats.

The First State of Being by Erin Entrada Kelly

Michael Rosario, a twelve-year-old Filipino boy living with his single mother in an apartment complex in Delaware, meets a mysterious boy from the future in this suspenseful stand-alone novel by the award-winning and bestselling Erin Entrada Kelly.

The Mystery of Locked Rooms by Lindsay Currie

From the acclaimed author of Scritch Scratch and What Lives in the Woods comes a fast-paced mystery adventure, in which three twelve-year-old best friends must solve a series of impossible riddles or risk losing everything.

Celebrate Children's Book Week all year long with this catchy tune! The Children's Book Week Jingle created by Annie Lynn of AnnieBirdd Media.

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