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Roxanne Reviews "Betsey: A Memoir"

Roxanne reviews Betsey: A Memoir by Betsey Johnson and Mark Vitulano

Betsey Johnson has been a New York City fashion icon beginning as far back as the 1970’s. Her self-titled memoir, Betsey, is a breezy, no holds barred look back at her humble upbringings in Hartford, Connecticut to her lucky break winning a fashion design contest sponsored by Mademoiselle Magazine through her three roller coaster marriages.

Akin to Steve Jobs, Betsey has been an obsessively whimsical genius rarely in the moment in regards to her personal life. Instead she reflects back in hindsight, knowing regret is a complete waste of time.

A perfect beach read especially for those in their 50’s and 60’s who remember commercials of the Barbizon Hotel in Manhattan or the joy in flipping through colorful (paper!) magazines fantasizing about owning all the latest fashion looks.

I’ll never forget becoming a momentary wardrobe warrior in the mid 80’s on vacation in New Orleans where people wore plucky y.o.l.a attire, only to be judgmentally stared at on my plane ride back to white bread conservative Rochester.

Betsey, on the other hand, is one of those brazen women who followed her creative spirit and success followed. Her recent medical concerns are tracked with equal tenacity giving hope and inspiration.

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