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Roxanne Reviews "Beyond Order: 12 More Rules For Life"

Roxanne reviews Beyond Order: 12 More Rules For Life by Jordan B. Peterson.

To say that Jordan Peterson is a prophet may sound like hyperbole, but when a writer can conjure ancient Roman and Greek parables, biblical passages, and modern geniuses like Freud, Rogers and Nietzsche to emphasize his points in an eloquent rattle akin to what you had for dinner last night; well, sage soothsayer is apropos.

And that’s what you get with Peterson’s new book Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life, a book equivalent to human vitamins in literary form. For instance, his chapter with the rule: "Carefully and completely write about bad memories that haunt you" not only contains three successful therapeutic case studies, but an adage of simply handling problems as a linebacker would run at his opponent. Again, Peterson uses the highest caliber vocabulary mixed with compassionate tough love that will entice you to do the same. And much like the most effective minister can inspire anyone to walk through temporary pain in order to reach well thought out solutions; even more importantly, Peterson makes you believe in a higher evolutionary state.

Each of the twelve rules are so jam packed with gorgeous reasoning that the book is hard to describe, but other rules such as "Abandon Ideology" may very well be the solution for world peace. Again, not exaggeration, so much so that I sincerely and gently challenge anyone to read this essential guide and argue otherwise.

An intellectual’s equivalent to Jen Sincero (You are a Badass), Peterson demands much more of your mind, but in return, embodies you with a calm, committed perseverance to make a better life.

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