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Roxanne Reviews "Everything I Have is Yours: A Marriage"

Roxanne reviews Everything I Have is Yours: A Marriage by Eleanor Henderson.

Anyone who enjoys medical mystery stories and the voyeuristic pleasure of looking at a couple’s marital intestinal fortitude will be enraptured as I was with Eleanor Henderson’s Everything I Have is Yours: A Marriage. For movie buffs; think Alien meets Revolutionary Road. While I understand voracious mystery lovers, I dare an avid thriller fanatic to read this memoir and not also call it a page turner.

For anyone dealing with substance abuse or childhood trauma, or both these difficulties; or for anyone who’s had homes in Upstate New York (Ithaca to be specific), Florida’s West Coast or the Big Apple, this book will remind you of all the reasons you loved (and maybe occasionally hated) living there.

At times I have been vindicated by ending relationships that were too stressful to endure and then almost equally ashamed that I didn’t stick it out. Henderson also addresses wrestling with these same philosophies and ultimately prays that the cyclical neglect, abandonment and dysfunction stops at her generation rather than being handed down to her children. Everything I Have is Yours is in the end a beautiful ode to relationships of all types.

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