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A Touch of Ireland

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

We’ve read some wonderful Irish authors recently. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day,

here are six we highly recommend.

The Queen of Dirt by Donal Ryan

Recommended by Elsie

The lives of the Aylward women of Tipperary. A celebration of love and four generations. Superb writing, fast paced but scrumptious thoughts. I loved every very short chapter. Ah! those brooding Irishmen and their uplifting tales.

Trespasses by Louise Kennedy

Recommended by Elsie

Set during the Troubles and the relationship of a Catholic woman and a Protestant man. Interesting concept as the bleakness of the subject is intertwined with daily life. The lore of the Irish is spellbinding. They know how to tell stories and are always page-turners. I love their gift of gab.

Foster by Claire Keegan

Recommended by Georgia

A beautiful book of a child finding the family she needs and a good family finding a child to fill the hole in their hearts.

Life Without Children by Roddy Doyle

Recommended by Andrea

A collection of stories about Irish men during the pandemic that are dark and lonely and very good. Men in middle age, in love or alone, with grown children, all have their story of dark and light to tell. The streets are empty during the Corona lockdown, as they search for love and meaning, and are devastating in their quest.

Northern Spy by Flynn Berry

Recommended by Nora

Supremely suspenseful tale of two sisters, set in the real world of The Troubles in Northern Ireland. The fictional kin of the brilliant non-fiction Say Nothing by Patrick Keefe. The author of the huge hit Under the Harrow, Flynn Berry is only getting better with each book!

Actress by Anne Enright

Recommended by Nora

Anne Enright is great. I have never read Enright before, but she is a fantastic Irish novelist, with an engaging, warm, sharp-witted style. Actress concerns a mother-daughter relationship and examines female sexuality and theater in equal measure. Some of the very best writing on acting and the theater I have ever read.

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