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Doug's Five Random Picks

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Doug is mixing it up this time. He’s been writing book blurbs like are 5 that we’re happy he pointed our way.

Florida Man by Tom Cooper

I am a believer in how important that opening page is, and those first two chapters are, in any book especially one by an author you don’t know. This one pulled me in the door, threw me against the wall, then brushed me off and offered me a . . . Well, better read it to find out about that. Nothing like a good time right from the get-go!

Wind Through the Keyhole by Stephen King

Five years ago, as my tower-mania peaked, I read through all seven volumes of King’s least-well-known series. No longer obscure since it has made it to the theaters, but the filmmakers think they could stow all seven in one movie. The news is they were wrong. I found myself returning to the Dark Tower because staring at the shelves in the bookstore reminded me that King had slipped another book into the series I missed. I think he calls it 4.5—to avoid being positioned as another #7, or second finale. It was released seven years after the seventh novel. Reading the first volume, The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger is a good idea, to get acquainted, but really it is not necessary to enjoy Wind Through the Keyhole. Unlike anything else in the series, perhaps unlike any other book King has written. Many reviewers like the lighter tone and how it forms a bridge between the first and second halves of the Dark Tower Series. He may have to write one more though—some of us need answers about the tower!

Here is a result of what happens when leadership goes astray, and sociopaths run the country. Children suffer and scores of elders die. A classic family systems dynamic proliferates on a nationwide scale. You reason this is only about the children of refugees and the homeless. Think again. The paramilitary fascists gather even as we speculate, as elders are rounded up and sacrificed to the Covid-19 gods.

The Nightfields by Joanna Klink

What a discovery—this poet. I enter a dream-state when I read her poems. She gets how lines work, and the rhythm of breaths, and how to mesmerize me into a hunger for more. I felt as if I were the “you” to whom she speaks. What a gift!

by Valerie Trouet

There is a great deal more to tree rings than you could ever conceive. In Dr. Valerie Trouet’s capable hands tree science climbs above the dull and mundane. Dendrochronology becomes exciting! You receive a playlist, a travel guide, and enough interconnective meaning across the sciences and history to grow an exponential expansion of your own nature- mind. Dr. Trouet is doing a Zoom book talk for us on Sunday, October 18th at 5. Click here to register.

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