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Georgia's Poetry Picks for Poetry Month

Reading poetry is an adventure in renewal, a creative act, a perpetual beginning,

a rebirth of wonder. ~ Edward Hirsch

We're not shy about our love of poetry at Bookstore1 and since April is National Poetry Month, we are sharing poetry collections we love. Georgia, the store proprietor, is a true poetry aficionado. She recommends these four poetry collections which are a few of her favorites.

illustrated by Susan Jeffers

This is an absolutely gorgeous rendering of the beloved poem, a book I give as a gift to new parents so they can read....and show....beautiful images to their children.

A funny, engaging, heartwarming collection of poems dedicated to food and the people in our lives who prepare it for us.

Gabriel: A Poem by Edward Hirsch

Moving, heart-wrenching book-length poem inspired by the death of a son who, though seemingly unlovable, was much loved by this poet, his adopted father.

What Work Is by Philip Levine

Levine captures the lives of ordinary working stiffs in a way I haven’t seen before or since. He takes us into the heart of industrial America.

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