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Giving Thanks

Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough. Oprah Winfrey

Andrea gives us some thoughts on being thankful.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Being grateful seems so important right now. I was thinking about what I am truly grateful for, and what rose to the top were friends and family, the lovely state I live in, my feline pals, and not least of all, wonderful books. Here are a few reads that bring these into focus. May you also feel love, friendship and gratitude this Thanksgiving.

Friends and family:

Love by Roddy Doyle

While Love is about two friends drinking the night away, it is really about love. If you love conversation; and friendship, love and family are important to you; then this marvelous novel is for you. In the course of an evening, two old friends uncover their lives in a night of drinking. Davy is visiting his old home of Dublin to care for his dying dad; Joe has lived there his whole life and has just left his wife and children for another woman. As their evening unfolds, the love they have for each other, for the women of their lives and for their families is stunning.

The lovely state we are in:

A Flash of Green by John D. MacDonald

Ahhh, the days of just starting to read John D. MacDonald brings back sweet memories of first living in the Sunshine State. Florida is built on building. MacDonald saw it coming, but he was unfortunately a voice in the wilderness. Jimmy Wing, the main character, is flawed, the bay gets developed and the corrupt developer is a politician. Florida all the way.

My feline pals:

When Satoru finds stray cat Nana their bond is strong and symbolic. A quiet ode to friends, solitude, and kindness. Nana proves to be an excellent traveler, and as they try to find him a new home, Satoru's life comes into focus. I cried at the end. The characters are very human and humane and the animals chime in. Recommend for any cat lover.

Wonderful books:

The Strange Library by Haruki Murakami

A short, intriguing novella from Murakami. Shades of Kafka on the Shore. Full of typical Murakami images...a library, a black dog, a beautiful magical woman. A little sad, but a nice way to spend an hour on a Saturday afternoon.

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