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It's Election Season

A Message from store owner Georgia Court:

I know, it seems like the cycle never stops, but sooner than we realize it will be time to select local public officials as well as president of the United States. Local elections don’t get as much attention as the national contests, but they are crucial to keeping our democracy running—now and into the future as local leaders move up the ladder to state and national offices.


We’ve compiled some links to help you keep track of who’s running for what. The information pages about both city and county commission candidates include a lot of detail. You’ll find, of course, their bios, but you’ll also find their quarterly financial reports. For the Sarasota County candidates you’ll be able to see how much money they’ve raised and from whom as well as how much money they have spent and with whom. Click on the candidate’s name to find in-depth information.


There are also links to register to vote and to request mail-in ballots. Florida state law now requires frequent re-applying to get mail-in ballots. So, it’s highly likely you’ll need to sign up all over again if you prefer to vote by mail rather than in person.

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