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Journalists Write Books: News You Can Use

The Poynter Institute, a global leader in journalism, "prepares journalists worldwide to hold powerful people accountable and promote honest information in the marketplace of ideas." ( It is essential to keep this art alive today. Jill Lepore’s impressive new anthology of essays, The Deadline, consists mostly of pieces she wrote for The New Yorker magazine. The depth of her collection had us looking around the store for works of other distinguished journalists. These eight books include essays, memoirs, and investigative reporting that illuminate the essential role of exceptional journalism.

The Deadline by Jill Lepore

Arriving at The New Yorker in 2005, Lepore, with her panoptical range and razor-sharp style, brought a transporting freshness and a literary vivacity to everything from profiles of long-dead writers to urgent constitutional analysis to an unsparing scrutiny of the woeful affairs of the nation itself.

Paradise Screwed by Carl Hiaasen

"Takes readers on a head-shaking romp through a south Florida that they won't find in any tourist brochure.” – Publishers Weekly

by Charlayne Hunter-Gault

From the legendary Emmy Award-winning journalist, a collection of ground-breaking reportage from across five decades which vividly chronicles the experience of Black life in America today.

Janet Malcolm

A poignant, revealing memoir by a legendary, award-winning New Yorker staff writer, featuring never-before-published material about her extraordinary life.

“What makes Under A White Sky so valuable and such a compelling read is Kolbert tells by showing…She makes it clear how far we already are from a world of undisturbed, perfectly balanced nature—and how far we must still go to find a new balance for the planet’s future that still has us humans in it.”— NPR

Carl Bernstein recalls his formative years as a teenage newspaper reporter in JFK’s Washington—a tale of adventures, scrapes, clever escapes, and the opportunity of a lifetime.

On Animals by Susan Orlean

Beloved New Yorker staff writer Susan Orlean gathers a lifetime of musings, meditations, and in-depth profiles about animals.

The Times by Adam Nagourney

A sweeping behind-the-scenes look at the last four turbulent decades of "the paper of record," The New York Times, as it confronted world-changing events, internal scandals, and faced the existential threat of the internet.

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