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K is for Kindness

Melanie was feeling the need for some kindness the other day. She started poking around the store looking for books that would share the spirit of giving and caring for children. Here are some kids' books that will spread the joy of a little more kindness in the world.

This book gives kids simple and easy-to-practice ideas on how to show kindness to others. Great for families to read and discuss. See what ideas of your own you can add!

We can all use a little Mister Rogers right now. Mr. Rogers exemplifies the ideals of kindness and compassion that makes us all good neighbors. This is the only authorized picture book biography of Fred Rogers.

Elmo helps out his friends and neighbors and learns what it means to be kind to others. Everyone loves Elmo!

Children see that even small acts of kindness can have a powerful impact. From the “Positive Power” early reader series which teaches positive affirmations at a child’s level.

A Level 1 Beginning Reader book featuring the New York Times bestselling series character. Kind Mr. Fish helps turn pouts into big smiles!

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