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Our First Reads of 2024

Updated: Jan 9

It’s the second week of 2024, and we’ve already started our reading for the year. We asked around the store to find out what the first books Bookstore1 staff were delving into, and here’s what they told us. We hope these picks inspire you to have a great year of page-turning too!

Andrea and Doug

Prophet Song by Paul Lynch

The winner of the Booker Prize 2023, Prophet Song presents a terrifying and shocking vision of a country sliding into authoritarianism and a deeply human portrait of a mother’s fight to hold her family together.


Blackouts by Justin Torres

From the bestselling author of We the Animals, Blackouts mines lost histories--personal and collective. Winner of the 2023 National Book Award for Fiction.


The Life Brief is a simple yet effective playbook for navigating life's decisions, crossroads, and curve-balls.


The Ministry of Time by Kaliane Bradley

A time travel romance, a spy thriller, a workplace comedy, and an ingenious exploration of the nature of power and the potential for love to change it all.


Trust by Hernan Diaz

At once an immersive story and a brilliant literary puzzle, Trust engages the reader in a quest for the truth while confronting the deceptions that often live at the heart of personal relationships, the reality-warping force of capital, and the ease with which power can manipulate facts. Winner of the 2023 Pulitzer Prize.


Erasure by Percival Everett

A scathingly funny look at racism and the book business: editors, publishers, readers, and writers alike.

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