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Roxanne Reviews "I Wrote This Book Because I Love You"

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Roxanne reviews I Wrote This Book Because I Love You by Tim Kreider

I Wrote This Book Because I Love You is a thought provoking book of essays by writer and animator Tim Kreider. While the title aptly describes the theme of this book; relationships, only reading Kreider’s deft prose can hip you to his novel and self-aware attitude on the subject.

From a crazy tryst with a circus performer, to a one month fling with a professional lover, to a true case of ‘torn between two lovers’, to his intense dedication to his ailing cat, Kreider reminds us that relationships are never flat, each involvement possesses intricacies and importance in our ever changing evolution.

The beauty of Kreider’s essays is three dimensional: first, he truly owns his own foibles while simultaneously truly caring about the individuals with whom he became entangled. Second, his writing is both intellectual and witty making it fun to digest. And last, he charts a sensible course for reasonable relationship politics within our tumultuous current social circumstances.

I Wrote This Book Because I Love You is the perfect book as we restart a healthier more open and physically closer social society.

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