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The Outside the Box Book Club

James, our store manager, is planning a new book club. Here's his idea so you can get ready.

The Outside the Box Book Club

Want to engage in books both Fiction, and Non-Fiction geared towards unlocking your imagination? Books that will perhaps give you a different perspective of the world you live in?

Yes? Good!

-Want to meet up for a book club or discuss the book over zoom?

No? Great!

-Here’s the deal. As I read books that I am interested in, I will write a short review that is based more on questions then matter of fact statements. Feel free to leave comments, questions, thoughts, or anything else to stir the pot and keep a conversation moving. This Book Club will never take place on a certain date or ever have to end.

-To participate, buy the book, support Bookstore One, and be kind. Or at least be interesting.

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