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The Travel Spirit

These six books of personal travel stories will put you in the wanderlust state of mind. If you need a guidebook, please let us know. We have a travel section with Lonely Planet Guides, and we will happily order the guidebook you need for your next trip.

The riveting true story of Dick Conant, an American folk hero who, over the course of more than twenty years, canoed solo thousands of miles of American rivers--and then disappeared near the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Walking with Sam by Andrew McCarthy

n intimate, funny, and poignant travel memoir following New York Times bestselling author and actor Andrew McCarthy as he walks the Camino de Santiago with his son Sam.

Fly Girl by Ann Hood

Packed with funny, moving, and shocking stories of life as a flight attendant, Fly Girl captures the nostalgia and magic of air travel at its height, and the thrill that remains with every takeoff.

High by Erika Fatland

An ambitious and magnificent new travelog by bestselling and prize-winning author Erika Fatland, on a journey along the Himalaya.

In the Weeds by Tom Vitale

Anthony Bourdain's long time director and producer takes readers behind the scenes to reveal the insanity of filming television in some of the most volatile places in the world and what it was like to work with a legend.

Discover the answer to life’s most pressing problems through the joy of fly-fishing from master philosopher John Gierach, “the dean of fly-fishing” (Kirkus Reviews).

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