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The Contemporary Fiction Subscription

We love contemporary fiction so much, that we have two booksellers as your selectors. Katia and Andrea read widely and they will be looking for fresh, interesting and provocative titles to send your way.

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Annual Subscription

Each month you will receive a recent hardcover book with a note.



Six Month Subscription

Each month you will receive a recent hardcover book with a note.

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About Andrea and Katia

Andrea (on the left) has always loved a good novel. She graduated from New College of Florida with a degree in British and American Literature, which she put to good use working as a librarian in the Sarasota County Library System for 17 years. One of her favorite projects during her librarian career was overseeing One Book Sarasota, a program that fosters the expression of ideas within the community through the shared love of reading. Her favorite books are those that have the special quality that bring both happiness and tears. Now that she works at Bookstore1, she strives to keep up with new releases and interesting books that might have been missed.

Katia (on the right): "I majored in Literature, so of course I believe in the transformative power of stories. But it is not just in the power to be transformed that I believe, it is also the power to be humbled, to be made better. A good story has me completely immersed in the life and troubles of another person, not so that I forget my own, but so that, at least for a moment, they each take on equal significance. I know I have found a good book when it has made me cry, and this feeling is what I am always searching for. I hope we can cry together!"

Katia is a graduate of New College of Florida, transplanted in Sarasota from Phoenix, Arizona. First and foremost, she loves to read, but she also loves cooking, art in various forms, and riding her beloved bicycle.

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