The Mind and Body Subscription

Roxanne facilitates our Mindful Reading Book Club. She has a deep interest in mindfulness and health. She will find you titles that are informative, motivational and good for you.

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Available Subscriptions


Annual Supscription

Each month you will receive a recent hardcover book with a note.



Six Month Subscription

Each month you will receive a recent hardcover book with a note.


About Roxanne

The germination of my specialty in the Health Mind and Body genre began many moons ago, having grown up in a contentious household and thus, genetically coded as early as Kindergarten to be a mediator. 

Jump ahead to my first teaching job where I was intuitively drawn to students who I knew could learn, yet were blocked by emotional obstacles.  Hence, an acquisition of a Masters in Counseling which had the nifty side benefit of helping me reckon with my own demons.

Having nowhere near reached nirvana helps me seek only the best books, yearning and learning new tricks and tactics to reach fulfillment in all realms spiritual, emotional and physical.  Books I curate are chosen based on a Jainistic approach, being open to different realities and truths, understanding their need to exist and to help a multi-faceted audience.

Roxanne is a retired English teacher and School Counselor from Upstate New York who has worked at BookStoreOne since 2016.  Besides reading, her hobbies include long distance running and film.