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6 Rabbit Authors to Welcome the Lunar New Year

The Year of the Rabbit is upon us, and to mark the occasion we’ve pulled from our hat six recommendations for books by authors who were born in "Rabbit" years. According to Chinese astrology, Rabbits are predicted to be gentle, quiet, elegant, and alert as well as quick, skillful, kind, patient, and very responsible, sometimes reluctant to reveal their minds to others and have a tendency to escape reality, but always faithful to those around them. You can be the judge if those traits are reflected in their writing.

Zadie Smith: Born 1975 (Wood Rabbit)

Nothing is off limits, and everything--when captured by Smith's brilliant gaze--feels fresh and relevant. Perfectly paced and utterly original, Grand Union highlights the wonders Zadie Smith can do.

Ann Patchett: Born 1963 (Water Rabbit)

The beloved bestselling author reflects on home, family, friendships and writing in this deeply personal collection of essays.

Ross Macdonald: Born 1915 Wood Rabbit

A detective novel of nerve-racking suspense, desperately believable characters, and one of the most intricate plots ever spun by an American crime writer.

Charles Yu: Born 1976 Wood Rabbit

A deeply personal novel about race, pop culture, immigration, assimilation, and escaping the roles we are forced to play.

Saul Bellow: Born 1915 Wood Rabbit

Saul Bellow evokes all the rich colors and exotic customs of a highly imaginary Africa in this acclaimed comic novel about a middle-aged American millionaire who, seeking a new, more rewarding life, descends upon an African tribe.

Michael Chabon: Born 1963 Water Rabbit

A lie that tells the truth, a work of fictional nonfiction, an autobiography wrapped in a novel disguised as a memoir, Moonglow is Chabon at his most moving and inventive.

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