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Celebrate Independent Bookstore Day! Celebrate Sarasota!

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Saturday, August 29th is Independent Bookstore Day!

Do you love indie bookstores and Sarasota? Saturday is Independent Bookstore Day! To celebrate, we are offering 10% off any book by our favorite local historian Jeff LaHurd. This Saturday only. What could be better...Sarasota love and bookstore love. Call us or go online to order. You can request curbside pickup or delivery via US Mail.

Here's what Jeff has to say about independent bookstores:

Independent bookstores, along with other local mom and pop merchants offer hands-on, friendly service that is all too lacking in today's big-box business operation. Local retail establishments are often owned by citizens who have their life savings on the line. For them, it is a 24-hour struggle to survive against corporate America. They are clearly the underdog in the retail world--David with a slingshot facing Goliath daily. They truly appreciate your business and it shows with every sale.For me, shopping in a store like Bookstore1 reminds me of simpler, more casual, and friendlier times.

Jeff LaHurd is the author of several books of local history. His articles have appeared in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Style Magazine, The Sarasota Observer, SARASOTA Magazine, SRQ, and The Downtowner. LaHurd is a former board member of the Sarasota Alliance for Historic Preservation and the Sarasota Historical Society.

Select one of Jeff's books below then call us at 941-365-7900 or go online to order.

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