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Doug's Mini-Review "The Paris Bookseller"

Doug was thoroughly impressed with Kerri Maher's new novel The Paris Bookseller. It is the story of Sylvia Beach and her Paris bookstore Shakespeare and Company Booksellers.

Doug's mini-review:

This is the most delightful book I've read in 2021-2022. Partners Sylvia and Adrienne's love story, and the account of how Sylvia Beach opened the first Shakespeare and Company Booksellers in Paris is inspiring, beautiful, and remarkable in how the positive perspective given all characters involved and incidents that occurred. No one without their flaws but a great family of writers and booksellers you admire. You will want to read it all the way through to the Author's Note. It's that good. Whether you are a bookseller or not, this is the great hundredth anniversary of how we ditched book banning and prohibition, began to call into question our ill-treatment of LGBTQ+ persons, women and Jews, and how these amazing women went on to publish and distribute one of the great novels of our century. Kerri Maher has done the novelists, booksellers, journalists, and others who appear, a great service, and created a book that is a fun and fabulous reading adventure. Come to think of it a book that's right on time.

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