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March is Small Press Month

“Nothing stinks like a pile of unpublished writing.” ~ Sylvia Plath

We have a deep appreciation for small presses and we try to connect you with books from these independent publishers. March marks Small Press Month, a special occasion to honor these creators of exceptional literature. Below are some recent titles showcasing the diverse range of offerings from small presses.

Nonfiction by Julie Myerson

Publisher: Tin House

A hauntingly beautiful and deeply moving love letter from a mother to a daughter, this is a tale of damage and addiction, recovery and creativity, compassion and love.

One Hour of Fervor by Muriel Barbery

Publisher: Europa Editions

In her poetically precise prose, Muriel Barbery explores the deep love of a father, and what is gained and what is lost when one chooses a "family" of friends over one's biological family. In doing so, she captures the darkness that pushes people apart and the circumstances that can draw them together again.

The Berry Pickers by Amanda Peters

Publisher: Catapult

A four-year-old Mi'kmaq girl goes missing from the blueberry fields of Maine, sparking a mystery that will haunt the survivors, unravel a family, and remain unsolved for nearly fifty years.

The Invisible Hotel by Yeji Y. Ham

Publisher: Zando

A work of literary horror in the gothic tradition, The Invisible Hotel is a startling, speculative tale of a woman in crisis and in stasis, and a country's shifting identity in the long afterlife of the Korean War.

Publisher: Grove Press

A bold and haunting debut story collection that follows various characters as they navigate the day-to-day perils of Jim Crow racism from Diane Oliver, a missing figure in the canon of twentieth-century African American literature.

Cooler Heads by Julian Tepper

Publisher: Rare Bird Books

"Offering a pitiless dissection of a modern relationship, Tepper shows himself an expert at orchestrating scenes of domestic carnage. This plays out like a hipster Brooklyn version of Richard Yates’s Revolutionary Road."

Publisher's Weekly

The Secret Hours by Mick Herron

Publisher: Soho Press

A gripping spy thriller from the bestselling author of Slow Horses, about a disastrous MI5 mission in Cold War Berlin--an absolute must-read for Slough House fans.

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