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Out in Space

“The universe is not only stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine.”

– Sir Arthur Eddington, The Nature of the Physical World (1927)

Sometimes all you want to do is get away. These recent books about the cosmos could be your ticket to the universe. From white holes to cats in space, any lover of the stratosphere should find something to launch them into orbit.

Engaging, accessible, and timely, Her Space, Her Time is a collective story of scientific innovation, inspirational leadership, and overcoming invisibility that will leave a lasting impression on any reader curious about the rule-breakers and trendsetters who illuminated our understanding of the universe.

White Holes by Carlo Rovelli

Let us journey into the heart of a black hole. We slip beyond its horizon and tumble down this crack in the universe. Time and space pull and stretch. And finally, at the black hole’s core, space and time dissolve, and a white hole is born.

by Neil deGrasse Tyson & Lindsey Nyx Walker

This enlightening illustrated narrative by the world’s most celebrated astrophysicist explains the universe from the solar system to the farthest reaches of space with authority and humor.

Fractal Noise by Christopher Paolini

This pulse-pounding science-fiction novel pits human curiosity and technology against alien tech deep in the cosmos.

Experience all 135 NASA space shuttle missions ever flown through the words of the astronauts themselves in this spectacularly illustrated volume.

The First Cat in Space Ate Pizza by Mac Barnett & Shawn Harris

Something terrible is happening in the skies! Rats are eating the MOON! There’s only ONE hero for the job, a bold and fearsome beast bioengineered in a secret lab to be the moon’s savior and Earth’s last hope! And that hero is . . . a cat. A cat who will be blasted into space!

This book is a guide to the ninety-nine per cent of cosmic reality we can’t see – the Universe that is hidden, right in front of our eyes. It is also the endpoint of a scientific detective story thousands of years in the telling. It is a tour through our Invisible Universe.

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