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PoetryLife 2024 News: Favorite Poem is Back!

Favorite Poem is Back!

Dear poetry lovers,

Our annual Favorite Poem Reading has been on hiatus since a certain pandemic turned all our calendars upside down. But now we’re back.


Poetrylife’s Favorite Poem 2024 is scheduled for Saturday, February 17th in the Loft at Bookstore1Sarasota. Although the exact time of day has not yet been set, we’re hoping for a genuine marathon day of reading and listening to wonderful poetry.


We’d love for you to be a reader, but we need you to “apply” well before the date so we know how much time to set aside for the event.


Here are the Favorite Poem rules:

  • The poem you select may not be your own poem or the poem of a family member or partner.

  • All poems are to be those written by established poets—ancient through contemporary.

  • Please select poems that are easy to understand when read aloud (the audience will not have copies to refer to) and poems that are no more than one page in length.

  • Provide your reason for selecting this particular poem—please, no academic reasons, we’re looking for why/how the poem spoke to your heart.


On the day of the event you’ll have one minute to let the audience know why you selected the poem. Then you’ll read the poem aloud.

Here’s how to apply:

Send a copy of the poem you would like to read to:

Georgia Court

or drop it off at the bookstore no later than February 3rd, 2024.


Include your contact information--your name and email address are the most important.

Please note we will not be able to communicate with individuals by phone—only email.


We’ll be in touch to confirm your participation and with participation details.

We’ll also be in touch if we need to ask you to find an alternative poem to read: some of the reasons may be that:

  • Someone else has already claimed that poem

  • The poem is too long

  • The poem has so many obscure references we think it’s not a good fit for the occasion.


I look forward to your poetic choices and to enjoying your reading on February 17th.


Georgia Court

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