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Roxanne Review "Brutalities: A Love Story

Roxanne reviews Brutalities: A Love Story

by Margo Steines

I picked up Brutalities: A Love Story thinking the literal, ‘let me try a romance for a change,’ realizing when I cracked the cover, that Brutalities is instead a memoir.

But in this mystery gift bag of a book, I found several interesting threads, some of which I related to very well, some of which were foreign. Which really is the best kind of book partner, is it not? Known but mysterious at the same time.

Margo was a dominatrix in her late teens and early twenties and her addictive personality led her into dark S & M relationships. After that, she became a running addict, and also conquered a courageous non-traditional stint as a welder. In this present tense retelling of her Covid experience, Margo does a detailed explanation of her pregnancy which even in our current blissful non-pandemic times, could reassure an expectant mother that everything will be ok.

Coming of age is a term used for many books and movies of this variety, but Margo’s is so unique, I’d like to call it an ‘overcoming of age’ book. I highly recommend this page turner!

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