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Roxanne Review "Groundskeeping"

Roxanne reviews Groundskeeping by Lee Cole

Groundskeeping is a complicated modern romance of a couple from opposite backgrounds. Its spot-on perspectives on family dynamics involve an adult trying to relate to outdated parents whom he’s evolved past. The college campus setting out in the boondocks will make you want to visit Knoxville.

The book is set just after the 2016 election and rumbles with the undercurrent of the underserved throwing their weight around, others cringing at the daily news. This backdrop is fitting for a lost thirty-something attempting to make sense of his life and career.

I appreciated the relationship struggles spanning all types; romantic, parent-child, occupational. Lee Cole’s character and natural descriptions reminded me of John Knowles' A Separate Peace, tinged with both halcyon and bittersweet nostalgia.

Highly recommended for anyone with southern roots or struggles with those of opposing political affiliations.

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