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Roxanne Reviews "I Hope This Finds You Well"

by Natalie Sue

Enjoying snarky comments and sarcastic musings isn’t necessarily something of which to be ashamed.  The main character Jolene, in Natalie Sue’s first novel I Hope This Finds You Well, made the major mistake of putting it in a work email.  Her cut throat co-workers are certainly deserving of excoriation, yet Jolene’s error is against Human Resources Guidelines.

The novel starts out outlandishly funny as a human resources intervention meant to restrict her computer, mistakenly allows the opposite, giving Jolene access to everyone’s email correspondences.  And from there, the book is off to the races with Jolene able to intercept her co-workers’ sabotage and bullying techniques. 

This is in the fun easy read camp, and yet Sue is able to blend in subplots that tug at one’s heart strings including a neglected teenager named Miley, parental aging, and of course, budding/wilting romance.  For instance, part of Jolene’s issue is her mother’s pressure for her to find a mate, which just so happens to be her co-worker Armin’s plight.  Trying to please their collective parents’ Indian wedding fantasy, Jolene attempts to help Armin in masquerading as potential fiancés.

While I thought the sarcasm was more enjoyable, those who need a little sugar with their sour will be happily satiated.

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