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Roxanne Reviews "My Mess is a Bit of a Life"

Roxanne reviews My Mess is a Bit of a Life: Adventures in Anxiety by Georgia Pritchett

Even with our common language and ancestral legacy, it’s refreshing to learn from and about England reared writers. A few weeks back I reviewed Love Marriage by English fiction writer Monica Ali and now I have thoroughly devoured and enjoyed Georgia Pritchett's cheeky memoir My Mess is a Bit of a Life.

Georgia, an award winning writer from the Julia Louis-Dreyfus hit TV series Veep, gives a wry, honest look at her English upbringing, her struggles with anxiety and parenting two autistic sons.

Just as most of us do, meandering and tripping through life, Georgia tells her story unconventionally, in very short, humorously heart felt chapters. She covers virtually everything from elementary school to sexual self-discovery to fertility and parenting. Her monikers for those she loves, The Patriarchy is her father’s tag for instance, are meant to be endearing in both privacy protection and description.

Without spoilers, I won’t convey the punchlines Georgia captures, nor the moments and insights she relates with ultra accessibility. I think anyone can enjoy this memoir, but especially those who are raising autistic children or who simply struggle with anxiety. My Mess is a Bit of a Life is empathic and instructive simply through Georgia’s candid self-reflection.

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