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Why we haven't fully opened yet

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

I’ve had a lot of questions from friends and patrons along the lines of, “Is the bookstore open yet?” So I thought it made sense to fill you in on my thinking right now.

We’re actually open—but only for orders online or by phone, for delivery via USMail or for pickup at our side door. But I realize many of you are looking forward to the day when you can come on in and browse while chatting with a bookseller. We’re looking forward to that, too.

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic I have been watching the case numbers closely; I actually keep a chart of daily statistics from three different sources. A few weeks ago the numbers in our area were looking good---new cases each day fairly small, the number of in-patients at Sarasota Memorial Hospital steadily declining. My staff and I were discussing not whether to open, but how soon we could do it. Then, about the second week of June, the numbers started to rise and they continue to rise at an alarming rate.

In the interest of public health and the well-being of our booksellers, I concluded the time had not yet arrived. No one would like to fully re-open more than I would. I miss all of you. The staff at Bookstore1 misses you.

Please take care. Do the things the health experts are suggesting: wear a mask, wash your hands. At some point this will all be over. Hopefully, sooner rather than later.

Stay well,


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Andrea Ginsky
25 Ιουν 2020

Thank you Georgia!

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25 Ιουν 2020

Georgia, Thank you for taking this responsibilitiy to keep customers and employees safe

during this stressful time, and for still being available to get books to us safely. I'm sure all Sarsotans look forward to the time when we can come inside again; meanwhile you're doing everything possible to maintain Bookstore1as the treasure it's long been for the entire community.

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