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Bookworm Special Delivery

Curated Selections Direct to Your Door

Subscriptions are a great way to become acquainted with authors you may not otherwise discover. Have the best books of the year delivered straight to your door, or to the door of someone who loves to read for an unforgettable gift. 

How it works:

1-  Choose among our options and purchase in-store or online.

2- Each month, our booksellers will hand-pick a book especially for you and send it to you with a note.

3- Watch your collection of books grow.

Our passionate booksellers discover hundreds of new books a year and are experts at making the perfect selection to suit every subscriber’s reading tastes. 

The Mysteries to Die For Subscription


Each month Elsie, our mystery expert, will hand-pick a new mystery just for you. International intrigue, psychological thriller, classic cozy, or world class detective, you never know what you'll get.

The Poetry Subscription


Each month Doug, our resident poet and poetry expert, will select a new collection that catches his eye.

The Contemporary Fiction Subscription


We love contemporary fiction so much, that we have two booksellers as your selectors. Katia and Andrea read widely and they will be looking for fresh, interesting and provocative titles to send your way.

The Picture Book Subscription

picture books.png

Melanie, our kid's literature expert and former youth librarian, will select special picture books for your child or the child in you.

The Explanations Subscription


Explanations encompasses our non-fiction realm. James, our general manager, selects this area with an eye for what's new and interesting.

The Biography & Memoir Subscription


Nora, our main book selector, is a big fan of biographies and memoirs. She will find  you stories of lives well lived, lives disrupted, lives literary and lives historic.

The Mind & Body Subscription

Mind Body.png

Roxanne facilitates our Mindful Reading Book Club. She has a deep interest in mindfulness and health. She will find you titles that are informative, motivational and good for you.

The Books for Kids Subscription


Melanie, our Kids' Literature expert, will find great book for the middle grade reader. Perfect for kids between the ages of 8 and 12. 

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